Why, Yes. It's Another New Blog.

Okay, look, in reality I should've been blogging years ago. But between Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram, I feel like I say enough without needing it to be in longform. But yesterday I got struck with this need to start writing again. I've been trying to finish a novel I started my freshmen year of college (almost 10 years ago....I AM OLD) and I keep starting and stopping because I've lost my inspiration. 

So I decided to do  a 365 day writing prompt challenge that will help push me creatively and continue to hone my writing skills. Just looking at it excites me. But I can't just...write and not let people be able to access it right? That's the part that makes me nervous but to hell with it. I decided to create this site, in large part to publish my own longform writing and also to tell my life's journey to anyone who cares enough to read. 

I don't know if I'm that interesting, however as a mixed black American woman (mother's Puerto Rican, father is a mixed black man) I think I have a duty to voice my concerns about the state of our country and the plight of the black Americans living in it.

In addition to that, I'll be displaying my work from past jobs I've worked at and my current freelancing opportunities. I am a Social Media expert as well as a general Marketing specialist but writing is my lifeblood. 

When I tell you writing kept me alive, that's not an over-exaggeration. That is the truth. I may explore that in a later post. 

But for now, let this be my introductory post. My name is Vanessa Young. I am 28 years old. I have a strange and wonderful husband and an insane puppy. I live in downtown Columbus, Ohio. My nickname is Vanessa Shark, a kid called me that when he was high as hell in high school and it just stuck.


Photo by Vanessa Young

Photo by Vanessa Young